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     IStarPMIS, LLC is dedicated to bringing you the very best in project management through it's flagship product I*PMIS and project management consulting services.    I*PMIS is a Project Management Information System that was conceived, designed and written by a certified Project Management Professional with over 30 years of experience in the information systems industry.  Review the benefits and features of using I*PMIS at our home page.  I*PMIS is available as a stand alone website for your company or as a no charge complimentary product for projects managed by IStarPMIS, LLC.  I*PMIS is also available through the partnership program to affiliated consulting firms.

     One might ask, why do I need a Project Management Information System?   The answer is simple, to improve on your decision making processes through the timely collection, storage, communication and feedback of quality project information (business intelligence) thereby improving on the success rates of your projects as measured by key performance indicators. When I*PMIS, pronounced I Star P M I S or I P M I S for short was first being developed, the pilot project was to simply put together an interactive Status Report, Timesheet and Expense Reporting System that could be submitted using web technology.   This might sound anachronistic to some people, but you would be surprised at how many consulting firms that the author had done W-2 consulting for that still had their consultants submit their Timesheets, Status Reports and Expense Reports via fax.   At the time of the authors certification on Microsoft Project, there was not a simple automated web enabled solution to capture actual hours via Timesheets or Status Reports and have them entered into Microsoft Project.   This was the state of the art that motivated the author to write I*PMIS.

     The following system requirements were defined.   The system had to be web enabled,  In other words, the average Jane or John  should be able to sign on anywhere there is a PC and a web connection.   This means that the project members can all be in the same office, different office, same building, any building or anywhere in the United States as long as there is an internet connection and a PC, the system would be robust enough to capture, communicate and disseminate accurate, timely project knowledge to all team members.  The system had to integrate the Timesheet,  Status Reports and Expense Reports into the Project Management Information System so that when the Status Reports were reviewed and approved, the project statistics would be immediately captured and updated.  The Status Report and Timesheets had to be integrated so that when the Status Report was completed the information was available to the Timesheet process and would not have to be manually added up from the Status Report and re entered into the Timesheets, a pet peeve of the authors.  The Task Definition, Task Assignment, Status Reporting  and Scheduling had to be an integrated process so that when information was entered into one it was available to all of the other processes.   The Scheduling had to be interactive so that when the dynamics of the project task definitions changed, the Scheduler could reschedule and reassign tasks online in real time and you would be able to see the impact on the schedule, all you would have to do is to press run.   Additionally, the Scheduler had to be able to accommodate multiple projects and multiple project members, after all who works on just one project?  An interface would be built to make use of Microsoft Project's charting and CPM, Critical Path Method capabilities.   Key components would be the Earned Value Management Statistics and  Dashboard screens, Burn Down and Earned Value charts that would automatically do all of the number crunching to accurately depict the progress or lack thereof of the project(s).  Finally, multiple online dialogs would be built to support and simplify the management of project information associated with the completion of the 47 project management processes defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®  in it's internationally recognized standard, A Guide to the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK ® Guide) -- Fifth Edition.  If there are ever any guidance questions about how things should be done, the author generally followed the Project Managements Institute's guidelines.  Of course on line sign on and individual dialog security would be part of the system.   Added along the way was the capability to group projects into programs or portfolios and have the Scheduler schedule entire programs. 

     All of the requirements defined above have been satisfied and are an integral part of the Project Management Information System known as I*PMIS.  You do not need to use an ad hoc system put together on a share drive when you have I*PMIS and IStarPMIS, LLC available to support you and your projects.  


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